ISBN: 1609765451

ISBN 13: 9781609765453

Publisher: Eloquent Books

Pages: 238

Format: Paperback

Author: A.S. Johnson

4.16 of 24

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Commander Susan Davis, pilot of the space shuttle Orion, is a widow who isn’t looking for love. But it finds her anyway, and in a most unusual place: space. Astronaut Chance Walker has been waiting five years for his time to shine, and the moment when he can tell the woman he loves about his undying affection. In the course of one night, both their lives will be changed forever. In each other’s arms, their ultimate soul-searching journey begins. The novel Orion has it all. In addition to a second chance at love, this galactic romance is filled with joy, passion, tears, and a near-death experience. Join in this epic journey that travels around the world - and then some - to see if love conquers all.

**Available in both paperback and electronic/e-book versions.**

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