War and Peace (The authoritative modern abridgment by Edmund Fuller)

War and Peace (The authoritative modern abridgment by Edmund Fuller)

Publication Date: 1955

Publisher: Dell Publishing Compnay, Inc

Pages: 512

Format: Paperback

Author: Leo Tolstoy

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As copied from the synopsis on the back of the book:
"No greater novel than 'War and Peace' has ever been written.

No novel has ever equalled in its scope, its humanity, its penetrating exposures of the human spirit under stress. Never in any form has an artist revealed history and destiny as dramatically as Tolstoy did in this book.

No one else has written of a young man's first taste of battle, a young girl's first taste of love, a young mind's first taste of ideas, or an old man's taste of deat as you will find them in these pages.

For those who have never read 'War and Peace', the Dell version be the best possible introduction to that giant among the world's masterpieces.

For those who have read the original, the Dell abridgment will be a revelation of the firm and unadorned foundation on which Tolstoy constructed his towering and complex edifice.

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