The Procedure

The Procedure

ISBN: 0142001279

ISBN 13: 9780142001271

Publication Date: September 24, 2002

Publisher: Penguin Books

Pages: 240

Format: Paperback

Authors: Harry Mulisch, Paul Vincent

3.60 of 712

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Internationally renowned novelist Harry Mulisch's The Procedure is a haunting and fascinating novel about two men who try to create life but fail. In the late sixteenth century, Rabbi Jehudah Löw, in order to guarantee the safety of the Jews in Prague, creates a golem by following a procedure outlined in a third-century cabalist text. Four hundred years later, Victor Werker, a Dutch biologist mourning the loss of his stillborn daughter, causes an international uproar when he creates a complex organic clay crystal that can reproduce and has a metabolism. But his unsettling discovery takes its toll as his inner and outer demons pursue him around the world, from California to Venice, Cairo, and Jerusalem.

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