Steampunk Tales #3

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Tales Included in Issue 3:

1. Dark Skies and Cruel Seas by Arkwright
2. The Unfortunate Case of the Stabbed-Up Elf by August Wahnsinger
3. Convergence Culture by C.B. Harvey
4. Hunting the Future Pt. 2 of 2 by Mark Rossmore
5. One Million Monkeys, Ltd. by George S. Walker
6. Letters Between Young Ladies... Pt.2 by Jillian Venters
7. On the Surface of Venus by Michael Stutz
8. The Mask of Tezcatlipoca, Pt.2 by G. D. Falksen
9. The Revolutionary by John Leavitt
10. The Shew Stone by C.G. Leslie

Cover art by the incredible Chet Phillips!

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