The Burn Farm

The Burn Farm

ISBN: 078602030X

ISBN 13: 9780786020300

Publication Date: September 01, 2009

Publisher: Pinnacle

Pages: 372

Format: Paperback

Author: Michael Benson

3.31 of 96

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First, She Seduced Them. . .

Sheila LaBarre liked to troll the personal ads and homeless shelters, looking for men whom society had rejected for one reason or another--men she could easily dominate both verbally and sexually. One by one, she invited them to her remote New Hampshire farmhouse, where she engaged them in S&M. But over time, sex gave way to brutal acts of torture as she mercilessly flogged and beat her captives until they confessed to committing unspeakable acts. Once satisfied that they had paid for their sins, Sheila savagely slaughtered them and burned their remains on her farm. . .

Then, Humiliated, Tortured, And Killed Them. . .

From the disturbing audiotapes Sheila made of her victims' confessions to her own bizarre statements in which she claimed to have returned from the dead to be God's avenger, The Burn Farm takes you behind the scenes of the scandal that rocked a quiet New England town, and into the twisted, depraved mind of a manipulative, cold-blooded murderer. . .

Includes 16 Pages of Shocking Photos

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