Giants of the Frost

Giants of the Frost

ISBN: 0446617288

ISBN 13: 9780446617284

Publication Date: January 01, 2006

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Pages: 531

Format: Paperback

Author: Kim Wilkins

3.86 of 785

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Taking a job on an isolated island in the Sea of Norway, scientist Victoria Scott wants a quiet place to finish her doctoral thesis. But Victoria isn't prepared for the strange shadows outside her cabin window, the rumors of a murderous hag who sucks one's soul during sleep, and the tales of mythic monsters lurking in the forest. More frightening than the islands nightmarish mysteries: to Victoria, everything is hauntingly familiar.

When an enigmatic stranger appears on the island, Victoria's sense of foreboding peaks. For she learns that they are connected by a conflict centuries old--one that can end only with her death...

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