The Last Legends of Earth (Radix, #4)

The Last Legends of Earth (Radix, #4)

ISBN: 0553286013

ISBN 13: 9780553286014

Publication Date: August 01, 1990

Publisher: Spectra Books

Pages: 450

Format: Paperback

Author: A.A. Attanasio

4.13 of 318

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"A grand and glorious visionary epic."-Robert Silverberg *** Set in the artificial planetary system of Chalco-Doror, which is no more and no less than a vast cosmic machine, The Last Legends of Earth is a love story, a gripping saga of struggle against alien control, and an examination of the machinery of creation and destruction. Above all, it is world-building of the highest and grandest order, on a scale rarely seen in science fiction since the great works of Olaf Stapledon.

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