A Book Of Silence

A Book Of Silence

ISBN: 1847080421

ISBN 13: 9781847080424

Publication Date: January 01, 2009

Publisher: Granta Books (UK)

Pages: 309

Format: Hardcover

Author: Sara Maitland

3.76 of 617

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After a noisy upbringing as one of six children, and adulthood as a vocal feminist and mother, Sara Maitland began to crave silence. Over the past five years, she has spent periods of silence in the Sinai desert, the Australian bush, and a remote cottage on the Isle of Skye. Her memoir of these experiences is interwoven with the history of silence through fairy-tale and myth, Western and Eastern religious traditions, the Enlightenment and psychoanalysis, up to the ambivalence towards silence in contemporary society. Maitland has built a hermitage on an isolated moor in Galloway, and the book culminates powerfully with her experiences of silence in this new home. "A Book of Silence" is a deeply thoughtful, honest and illuminating memoir about a phenomenon too often neglected in the contemporary world.

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