Textsammlung Moderner Kurzgeschichten

Textsammlung Moderner Kurzgeschichten

ISBN: 342506455X

ISBN 13: 9783425064550

Publication Date: 1969

Publisher: Diesterweg

Pages: 107

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Ferdinand Piedmont, Wolfgang Borchert, Heinrich Böll, Hans Bender, Ernst Schnabel

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Short stories selected and edited for high-school students. Most authors are well-known German writers from the 20th century (Borchert, Böll, Kafka), contempory to the time of publishing. A few stories are translated English short stories, one by Hemingway.

The topic of most stories are told from the perspective of teenagers and young adults, who are struggling, or found themselves in situations of hardship, survival, and distress. The setting is mainly related to the second world war, either during the war, or shortly after during occupation or imprisonment. Many of the authors seem to write from personal experience.

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