Publication Date: October 27, 2015

Publisher: Archive of Our Own

Pages: 253

Format: ebook

Author: whalehuntingboyfriends

5.00 of 1

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Fandom: Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter/Funhaus RPF
Relationship: Gavin Free/Ryan Haywood/Michael Jones/Ray Narvaez Jr./Jack Pattillo/Geoff Ramsey
The Fake AH Crew were the biggest, baddest crew in Achievement City. Thick as thieves, in the height of their success, and on the brink of a relationship - until Ray left, and they fell apart.

Now, two years later, Geoff’s brought them all back in for one last job. But when things go wrong and the police show up, they end up trapped together, unfinished business and all, with the uncomfortable realisation that two years have changed them and someone - one of them - has sold them out.

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