Untried Heart

Untried Heart

ISBN 13: 9781370349760

Publication Date: November 13, 2017

Publisher: Nicky Charles and Jan Gordon

Format: ebook

Author: Nicky Charles

4.61 of 12

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What happens when perfection is too perfect?
Eugenie, a young and untried guardian angel, loves her life in Heaven, yet something is missing. When she is finally assigned her first interactive case, she hopes if it will provide the excitement she craves.
Her client, Benjamin Davis, is certainly interesting enough. Is he the key to her happiness? Or will the unexpected discovery of a relic from her past cause too many complications?
With the guidance of her superior, the Archangel Michael, and additional help from Zeke, an up and coming GA, Eugenie sets out on an adventure that could change her life in ways she never expected.

Untried Heart is the second installment in the Hearts and Halos series by Nicky Charles and Jan Gordon.

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