Functional Programming in C#

Functional Programming in C#

ISBN: 1617293954

ISBN 13: 9781617293955

Publication Date: July 31, 2017

Publisher: Manning

Format: ebook

Author: Enrico Buonanno

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Functional programming is a way of thinking about programs that emphasizes functions, while avoiding state mutation. It allows us to write elegant, intention-revealing code, that shines in testability and support for concurrency. C# includes a number of functional features and libraries, enabling us to take advantage of these benefits.

Functional Programming in C# teaches you to apply functional thinking to real-world scenarios. You’ll start by learning the principles of functional programming, and how they translate in the C# language. The book then dives into important topics like function composition, data flow, and principles for designing function signatures, types and collections. Through lots of real-world examples, you’ll acquire the tools to tackle programming tasks with a functional approach. The last part of the book deals with advanced topics, including lazy evaluation, stateful computations, asynchrony, and event streams. By the end of this book, you’ll be able to integrate functional techniques, making your C# programs robust and maintainable, and helping you become a more well-rounded developer.

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