Pickup Notes

Pickup Notes

Publication Date: July 05, 2016

Publisher: Philangelus Press

Pages: 354

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: Jane Lebak

4.36 of 22

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Playing viola in her string quartet is the only joy in Joey’s life. It’s certainly not her job as a tollbooth operator or her toxic family. But there’s not a lot of money in classical music, and a whole lot of competition.

HARRISON: the fearless first violinist who’s always driven the group.
SHREYA: the secretive second violinist who seems to have one foot out the door.
JOSH: the cellist who only now is facing up to a stutter that’s kept him bound by shame.
JOEY: the violist, who broke Josh’s heart and in turn had her heart broken by Harrison.

When a bride gets so drunk she forgets she hired a classical string quartet, Shreya stuns everyone by ripping off a guitar riff on her violin. Seeing a goldmine in Shreya's previously unknown skills, Harrison wants to capitalize on this by changing their entire repertoire.

But changing their playlist starts twisting the friendships the quartet members have formed with one another. Harrison promised that no matter what, they’d always have their music. But as the relationships begin cracking under the strain, it’s going to take a lot more than promises and a new repertoire to save the quartet.

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