Trashproof Resumes (The Princeton Review)

Trashproof Resumes (The Princeton Review)

ISBN: 0679759115

ISBN 13: 9780679759119

Publication Date: March 21, 1995

Publisher: Princeton Review

Pages: 192

Format: Paperback

Authors: Timothy Haft, The Princeton Review

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Q: What is a trashproof resume?
A: A trashproof resume defies waste baskets, resists recycling bins and works its way to the top of the pile to get you an interview.

Trashproof Resumes shows you how to write an awe-inspiring resume that gets you through that all-important door. Think of it as your personal resume coach.

Chapters include:
a thorough self-assessment -- just what do you want to do?
how to get the real you on paper
resume design and layout
resume language, including extensive lists of Power Verbs
real resumes from recent grads applying for positions in fields from ballet to banking
how to write a great cover letter
how to pick the right paper, printing and envelopes
getting your resume to the right people
navigating the resume superhighway
resume and career advice from over 100 career counselors and human resource professionals

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