The Passion of Dolssa

The Passion of Dolssa

ISBN: 0451469925

ISBN 13: 9780451469922

Publication Date: April 12, 2016

Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers

Pages: 478

Format: Hardcover

Author: Julie Berry

3.94 of 3,200

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Dolssa is a young gentlewoman with uncanny gifts, on the run from an obsessed friar determined to burn her as a heretic for the passion she refuses to tame.

Botille is a wily and charismatic peasant, a matchmaker running a tavern with her two sisters in a tiny seaside town.

The year is 1241; the place, Provensa, what we now call Provence, France—a land still reeling from the bloody crusades waged there by the Catholic Church and its northern French armies.

When the matchmaker finds the mystic near death by a riverside, Botille takes Dolssa in and discovers the girl’s extraordinary healing power. But as the vengeful Friar Lucien hunts down his heretic, the two girls find themselves putting an entire village at the mercy of murderers.

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