A Tale of Struggle, Success, and Love (Erotic Spanking stories #1)

A Tale of Struggle, Success, and Love (Erotic Spanking stories #1)

Author: Stephanie Rose

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Max Wallet put the magazine aside as he reads about the inspirational story of Mr. Smith. This is the top story of the week for the magazine 'Entrepreneur Week'. However, such story does not seem to affect Max much. Max is already a rich man. He could only graduate and a degree from Statville College by spending a vast amount of money. And Max Wallet does have that. So, he did not need to think about other things. He is a graduate man now and he should act mature, but no. Two things Max love more than anything in life. One is money and the other is girls. It does not matter the quantity as he likes them all. Max keep banging girls and does not where to stop. However, he has something to boast about this time as he got a celebrity girlfriend this time - one of the top models in the world to feature regularly in top magazines and fashion shows worldwide. Christina Lee is a sexy piece. She maybe the most beautifully created humankind. All those curves in her body only add to her sexiness. And now she is the girlfriend of Max wallet. Christina may be the top model in the world but she has not been with someone so rich- the only motivation to make Max her boyfriend. The two are passionate about their relationship and have sex almost every other day.

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