Nightlights: Guardians

Nightlights: Guardians

ISBN 13: 9781466014558

Publication Date: September 06, 2011

Publisher: Smashwords Edition

Format: ebook

Author: Chrysoula Tzavelas

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When Ajax followed Natalie into the world of the Nightlights, he was hoping for a new life. But by the time he realizes that life in the Tower, headquarters of the Nightlights, is not what he expected, it's far too late to change his mind. Just what kind of place has he found himself in? And why does the sun never set? Volume 2 of the Nightlights novella series.

Nightlights is a modern serial, spread across eleven monthly novellas of around 12-15k words each. This character-focused installment contains the second story arc of Ajax's adventures with the Nightlights.

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