The San Marcos: A River's Story

The San Marcos: A River's Story

ISBN: 1585445428

ISBN 13: 9781585445424

Publication Date: September 01, 2006

Publisher: Texas A University Press

Pages: 170

Format: Paperback

Authors: Jim Kimmel, Jerry Touchstone Kimmel, Andrew Sansom

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The San Marcos springs have flowed for around ten million years. In this ode to the river they form, Jim Kimmel brings us a picture of a watercourse brimming with life, past and present. Native, non-native, prehistoric, and modern-day plants, animals, and people have inhabited the river and its banks. Kimmel touches on them all with the affectionate and knowledgeable voice of one whose own life has been closely linked to the San Marcos.

As readers journey with Kimmel from the river's headwater springs to its junction with the Guadalupe River, The San Marcos: A River's Story will capture the imagination and provide valuable information about the river and its crucial role in the ecological health of Texas. Original photographs by Jerry Touchstone Kimmel add a sense of the beauty and complexity of the river.

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