The Ultimate Erotic Short Story Collection 4: 11 Steamingly Hot Erotica Books For Women

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All of the 11 chosen books are exclusive to this specific collection, so even if you've purchased other volumes of ”The Ultimate Erotic Short Story Collection” you can rest assured that you will receive no duplicates between collections.

These are the 11 included books, fully searchable and all selling daily right here in the Kindle Store:

Half Moon Tattoo & Piercing by Victoria Lawson

Displaying Fireworks by Cynthia Conley

Fucked by the Guesthouse Owner by Evelyn Hunt

A Job Offer and Beyond by Emma Bishop

The Secrets of Make-Up Sex by Vivian Hicks

Dreams of a Nympho by Julia Shaw

Prisoner of My Heart by Lori Dixon

A Special Workout by Carla Burke

Carey’s Secret Volition by Theresa Stone

Stranded On The Shores Of Love by Frances Riley

Virginhood Revisited by Kim Wilkerson

You will also gain INSTANT access to another EIGHT great Erotica Books not available for purchase anywhere, and available for download 24/7, so with the purchase of this collection of books will actually get a total number of 19 BOOKS!

Whether you prefer romantic erotica, light erotica, or really hardcore stories you will surely be satisfied as this collection is a mix of the best of the best across many different erotica genres.

This collection is perfectly and beautifully formatted and include a hyperlinked and clickable Table of Contents to quickly take you to the Women's Erotica book of your choosing.

Simply put: If you have even the slightest interest in reading great Erotica specifically written for women readers at a ridiculously low cost, you are going to LOVE this collection.

Don't delay - we reserve the right to withdraw or limit this offer at any time.

WARNING: This story is intended for ADULT female readers 18 years of age or older. It contains explicit language and graphic sexual content.

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