In a Heartbeat (The Survivors #1.5)

In a Heartbeat (The Survivors #1.5)

Publication Date: August 29, 2013

Pages: 19

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: V.L. Dreyer

3.93 of 73

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A 5,000 word short story set during the events of The Survivors Book I: Summer. The death of Sophie Chan is one of the driving factors of Michael, the hero of The Survivors - but what really happened? Now is your chance to find out.


The World of The Survivors

Ten years ago, a devastating plague put an end to humanity once and for all... almost. A handful of people struggle to survive amongst the ruins of the old world, living day-to-day on whatever they can scavenge.

In Waikato, New Zealand, things are about to change.

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