Imperfect Pairings

Imperfect Pairings

ISBN: 098379152

ISBN 13: 9780983791522

Publication Date: May 21, 2013

Publisher: Ripetta Press

Pages: 414

Format: Paperback

Author: Jackie Townsend

3.16 of 118

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Winner, Chick Lit, Indie Reader Discovery Awards 2013

Can love cross borders? In "Imperfect Pairings" a woman’s love for an Italian leaves her confronting this question. He’s Jack in America, but he’s Giovanni in Italy; understanding him means understanding his culture, his language. It means losing the foundations of her identity to become entangled in the deep-rooted vines of his family’s troubled past when she’d vowed to remain disentangled. Her career and autonomy had always come first, and she fell in love thinking she could control it, not give in to it. Is she losing herself? Or is she finally giving in to the woman she’d been all along.

This is an adult love story, one that will leave you thinking long afterwards about the oceans that separate us from the ones we love.

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