Exaltation in Cadmium Red

Exaltation in Cadmium Red

Publication Date: October 01, 2012

Publisher: Guernica Editions

Pages: 60

Format: Paperback

Author: Sonia Di Placido

4.50 of 8

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Exaltation in Cadmium Red splatters and brushes in poems, both as a toxic, poisonous, metallic mix, and a rich, vibrant, powerful oil colour. Shades of cadmium red have persisted throughout history as the most exuberant in the oil-paint palette; the hues meant to be mixed with other oils in subtle, specific, and precise doses for greatest effect. This body of poems revels in this fanatical, fantastic colour to express the heights and depths of passion – engaging in meditations on prayer, spirituality, feminism, and the breadth of existence in a post-colonial, trans-national and transsexual age.

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