The Sociology Of Social Problems

The Sociology Of Social Problems

ISBN: 0136574386

ISBN 13: 9780136574385

Publication Date: February 13, 1997

Publisher: Pearson

Pages: 447

Format: Paperback

Authors: Paul B. Horton, Richard F. Larson

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This classic book uses current social problems in discussing basic sociological principles as well as concepts specific to the different social topics. Well-balanced in approach, it uses three major sociological perspectives (social disorganization, value conflict, and personal deviation) to analyze a wide variety of contemporary American social problems and research data, explaining the origin and existence of each social problem and indicating courses of action for changing social conditions and the personal sacrifices necessary to implement social change. Explores the nature, role, and function of vested interest groups, and considers civil liberties of minority groups and the American society. Practicing social workers or community activists.

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