The Smoke Ring (The State, #3)

The Smoke Ring (The State, #3)

ISBN: 0345302575

ISBN 13: 9780345302571

Publication Date: April, 1988

Publisher: Del Rey Books

Pages: 323

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Author: Larry Niven

3.76 of 2,987

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In the free-fall environment of the Smoke Ring, the descendants of the crew of the Discipline no longer remembered their Earth roots -- or the existence of Sharls Davis Kendy, the computer-program despot of the ship. Until Kendy initiated contact once more.

Fourteen years later, only Jeffer, the Citizens Tree Scientist, knew that Kendy was still watching -- and waiting. Then the Citizens Tree people rescued a family of loggers and learned for the first time of the Admiralty, a large society living in free fall amid the floating debris called the Clump. And it was likely that the Admiralty had maintained, intact, Discipline's original computer library.

Exploration was a temptation neither Jeffer nor Kendy could resist, and neither Citizens Tree nor Sharls Davis Kendy would ever be the same again...

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